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Performance Marketing Made 10x Easier

Use generative AI to create and deploy ads across formats and channels in minutes rather than hours.

No spreadsheets necessary! 
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Beautiful Ads That Perform Well

You want your ads to be beautiful, fresh and effective but it is hard to have it all. Consumers are active on an average of 8 social media platforms and it is both difficult and expensive to scale across them all.

Just Ads makes it easier than ever before! Just upload your images and videos, write ad copy with help from AI, select targeting and launch across platforms in minutes rather than hours.
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Scale Across Platforms and Markets

Once you have launched on one platform, the same creative ingredients and targeting can be used instantly to launch on more platforms.

Just Ads does this by ensuring that managing ads across all platforms takes the same amount of time as having them on one. We do it by letting you launch ads for a new market in 15 minutes rather than 20 hours. Now that’s what you call disruptive innovation.
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Magic Dust For Your Ads

Combine your static images, creative text and videos with data from your product catalog, such as discounts, prices and product descriptions, using automation tools that require no expertise to use.
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Spend Where It Matters

Keep an eye on how different budget allocations impact bottom-line performance to find your optimal digital marketing mix strategy.

Generative AI Has Ideas For You

Tell us how you want customers to see your brand and we will use GPT-4 to generate creative suggestions for you.
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Your Trusted Performance
Marketing Partner

Whether you are looking for a self-serve SaaS, or managed services working with our team of growth marketing experts, we are committed to working with you to achieve your business goals.
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