Frequently Asked Questions

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How it worksTry for free
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Thanks, but this is just a concept and not a real website 🙂
Something went wrong, but this is not a real website so that's to be expected 🙂
Do you offer discounts?
Yes. If you subscribe for a year, you can get 20% off
Do I need to be an expert in digital marketing?
Not at all. We are the only solution on the market that not only allows you to create ads across formats and channels without expertise, our campaigns are more granular than even those created by the most savvy performance marketers.
What if I decide to cancel my subscription?
Yes, at any time.
How will I pay for ads created using Just Ads?
You will be billed directly by Google, Facebook and other channels to the payment method associated with the account(s) that you link to Just Ads.