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Maximize Performance With A Cross-Format Cross-Channel Approach

With a cross-format cross-channel approach, you can reach people across all stages of their purchase journey, whether they are searching on Google or surfing on Instagram.
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Executing A Multi-Platform Approach Is Challenging

· Teams lack account management resources to keep ads fresh and consistent across formats and channels

· Teams lack creative resources to continuously generate new ideas

· Teams are often unable to effectively test creative variations, bid strategies and budget allocations
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Alia Raza
CEO / Régime des Fleurs
We thought we were struggling to run profitable digital marketing campaigns because luxury fragrance is a niche. Just Ads proved us wrong in two weeks.

Just Ads Makes it Easy

Just Ads Makes it Easy

Manage creative assets, audiences and budgets in a single platform designed to help you unlock growth and performance!

Thousands Of Personalized, On-Brand Ads In Minutes

Without needing to create any templates, launch thousands of ads with a product feed or catalog, customizing them based on keywords and target audiences and generating modular variations. And when it is time to refresh your creative, update once and sync instantly across formats and channels!

All Your Digital Advertising Budgets In One Place

Manage budgets and KPIs for each format and channel and find the optimal marketing mix easier than ever before.

Ad Copy Suggestions Powered By Artificial Intelligence

Just describe your business and your target audience, and let an algorithm generate marketing copy in seconds.
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Antoine Coopoosamy
Global Marketing Measurement Lead, H&M
This is the first step towards building artificial intelligence for marketing in a way that emphasizes collaboration between humans and algorithms.
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